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Inna Bondari and Friends

Inna Bondari is a unique ethno singer with the most rare vocal capacity. For many years she is engaged in ethnic music of different nations, mostly those of Balkan countries. In her repertoire there are songs in Romanian, Gipsy, Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, Old English and Irish languages.

Inna began her musical career 16 years ago in Moldova as a vocalist of the band AnnSannat deriving its creative inspiration from Irish, Moldavian, Hungarian and Polish folk music and on its basis creating unique compositions, recognized in Moldova, Russia, and in many countries abroad. She was also a vocalist of Drobinska band from Moscow playing Balkan folk music, and six years ago she founded her own band Ethnospirit and concentrated on world music, having made a program of ethnic songs and melodies of different nations of Europe called "Flight over Europe or Travel from the North to the South".
In December 2011 she got in a strongest road accident and still fights for restoration, but she didn't stop playing and singing music to people, and as soon as she could go again, though on crutches, resumed her musical activity. To go without supportive applications, she needs some more surgeries and expensive treatment. For this purpose DVD’s “Inna, Etnospirit and Friends”, a video recording of the concert with the above-mentioned program, author's cards of a wonderful artist Nata Elizarova are on sale after her concerts, and friends musicians organize and play joint concerts under the name "Innafest or Music, as Prayer", raising funds for her treatment.

This is a concert recording of Inna Bondari with her friends musicians, who have been playing with her for years in different bands and made a wonderful band together. Its concept is to show people, what surprising by their melodic beauty songs and a melodies people created, simple people - Serbians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Greeks, Romanians, Moldavians, Roma - and what good musicians can make of such unique musical material …
This concert program contains Inna's favourite folk songs of different nations, old and new, but warm and southern, as it’s summer).

It’s participants are:

Alik Drobinsky- clarinet, different bagpipes, folk whistles

Dmitry Ignatov- bass guitar, lauta, Bulgarian caval, oud and other instruments

Mario Caldararu- drum set and different percussion

Alexander Samodum- acoustic guitar and harp-guitar

Inna Bondari- vocals, whistles and flutes

Sonia Vlasova- violin, vocals

Natalia Jerenkova- violin, vocals
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